Bob Ehrlich
Governor Bob Ehrlich

Chris Palombi is the definition of a well-rounded, well-grounded person.

His agenda is rock solid, embracing our traditional belief in constitutional rights, civil liberties, American exceptionalism, and the rule of law. As important, he is one of the precious few candidates willing to address our out-of-control federal debt.

Today, our civil liberties are under attack. While many of our fellow citizens recognize the problem, Chris is willing to take the challenge head-on.

That's leadership for our time.
He will fight for our values.

- Governor Bob Ehrlich
Governor of Maryland, 2003-2007
U.S. House of Representatives, 1995-2003
Maryland House of Delegates, 1987-1995


Burgess Owens
Rep. Burgess Owens

Chris is a great patriot who understands the importance of faith, family, and freedom. He has shown his passion for uplifting those in his community as a leader and coach. He embraces the American Dream and wants to ensure it for everyone for generations to come.

We need fighters in Congress that will put their constituents and Americans first every single day, and Chris has the passion, energy, and drive to get the job done.

Chris is the best choice to defeat a career politician and bring some common sense back to Maryland's Fifth Congressional District.

I am proud to support Chris and give him my full support.

- Congressman Burgess Owens
U.S. House of Representatives (UT-4), 2020 -


Byron Donalds
Rep. Byron Donalds

In Chris, you have a candidate who will get the job done. He’s passionate about the country and wants to do what’s best for the people and get our country back on track to success. Chris will do a phenomenal job representing and doing what’s best for the people in Maryland’s 5th Congressional District.

- Congressman Byron Donalds
U.S. House of Representatives (FL-19), 2020 -



Kim Klacik
Kim Klacik
WBAL Radio Talk Show Host
Red Renaissance PAC President
Matt Morgan
Matt Morgan
Maryland State Delegate 29A
Mike Hart
Mike Hart
Calvert County Commissioner
Eric Colvin
Eric Colvin
St. Mary's County Commissioner
Todd Morgan
Todd Morgan
St. Mary's County Commissioner
Jim Fredericks
Jim Fredericks
Anne Arundel County Sheriff


I have tried to get Steny Hoyer's attention for 2 years. Not a single response. I emailed Chris Palombi, and three days later he was calling me from his personal cell phone. He told me he watched my testimony in front of the State Judiciary Commitee. We talked about the legislative loopholes. And then he asked a questions that stopped me in my tracks:
What else can we be doing?
How else can we support the victim families?
I could've cried. No one asks that. Ever.

My goal is eventually to get better legislation on a Federal level, not just in Maryland. I believe this guy will take me with him if he makes it to the U.S. Congress. So if you believe in the work that I am trying to do, you might want to give this guy a shot.

- Annie Kenny
Child Safety Advocate


I went to Patuxent High School with Chris and he has always been a fair stand up guy.

I recently broke down in the middle of the highway. He stopped to help me when others drove by and even laughed. It was a very stressful situation and he stayed with me as long as he could and even called me to make sure I was okay afterwards. He has been that type of guy since I met him. I would vote for him because I believe in him!
Keep up the good work Chris!

- Dewayne Dickens


I've known Chris Palombi for 13 years. He is the kind of person I want representing us. He is good at staying on topic, doing the work needed to make things happen. I appreciate Steny and his record. It is time for Steny Hoyer to move over and give us a young, energetic man who will get things done!

- Carol Zenthoefer
Registered Democrat



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